Safety Watch

Job Description

The primary responsibility is to stand and watch at an assigned location and report any hazardous situation to the TANCO foreman. The hazard could come from the work that TANCO is doing or from the refinery surrounding the tank.

Essential Function of the Job

  • It is required that all employees read and exhibit understanding of the TANCO Safety Manual. This is essential for the safety of every employee working.
  • Safety watch must pass the “Fire Watch Training Examination” given by TANCO. The test may be taken as many times as necessary. Answers to the questions will be given after the first test. Training will be given on company time at the jobsite.
  • The assigned location may be on the ground outside the shell doorsheet or may be on the floating roof or platform at the top of the shell. The applicant must be able to climb stairs or a vertical ladder to reach the elevated locations.
  • Safety watch may be expected to communicate by two-way portable radio. Training will be provided on the jobsite as required.
  • Safety watch may be required to wear “self-contained breathing apparatus”. Facial hair and glasses must not interfere with the seal area of respiratory equipment.
  • Safety watch will sometimes assist in clean-up.
  • Safety watch may be required to lift fifty (50) pounds.
  • Safety or fire watch will typically work as part of a field crew. Safety or fire watch must be able to work cooperatively and effectively with field supervisors and other crew members.


When an employee is hired to travel, he/she will be paid an hourly subsistence rate and/or travel pay when assigned to work on many projects. An employee hired to travel is expected to work at whatever locations TANCO Engineering, Inc. feels necessary. At times a traveling employee may be offered a position without subsistence to adjust for local economic marketing conditions.
Subsistence is based on hours worked up to the first 60 hours in a work week and does not (for example) include: vacation, holiday, or down time. The subsistence rates vary by location and are determined by TANCO. Subsistence and travel pay does not apply to employees who were hired for local employment no matter what distance their residence is from the jobsite. If an employee was hired for local work and is asked to travel from the original job site location, TANCO will evaluate the need for subsistence and/or travel pay.
Prior to employment or job reassignment, an employee will be notified whether subsistence is applicable to their position and current assignment. Always check with a tax consultant on appropriate record keeping and the reporting of travel and subsistence payments.

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