Floating Roof Seals

TANCO’s patented seal design offers better vapor control and longevity over other seals. Our Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal springs, hangers and shoes are made of 100% stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Our seal fabric and wiper material are non-metallic, UV resistant, and resistant to hydro carbon. Our Secondary Seals are custom designed for each application to ensure an optimal fit. Our design allows us to custom fit the seals to even the most distorted tanks. We strive for constant improvements with our design and are continuously evaluating new materials and designs.

Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

TANCO’s patented primary mechanical shoe seal leads the industry in terms of performance, longevity and value.


  • Six pressure points per shoe at the liquid level, closes shoe to shell gaps at the dip leg for maximum benefit of liquid mounted shoes.
  • Nine pressure points evenly located along the top of the shoe are distributed by hold down bars. The uniform pressure minimizes wind and water penetration. It also ensures uniform shoe-to-shell contact at all vertical and horizontal shell seams.
  • Localized shell irregularities are negotiated by a simple slide built into the top hanger bracket, eliminating the need for expensive pantographs.
  • A wide range of rim spaces can be accommodated with our variable attachment hardware.
  • Exceptional expansion/contraction capabilities make TANCO’s seal a leader in the Tank Industry.


  • TANCO uses 100% stainless steel supports, shoes and spring hardware on all seals. Combine these with non-metallic vapor barriers with maximum ultra violet, hydrolytic, and aromatic resistance, and you have a seal that will stand the test of time.


  • Simplicity of design reduces material, fabrication and installation costs, allowing outstanding longevity and performance at lower costs. Our unique stainless steel hanger assemblies allow each shoe and its associated springs to be installed or removed by hand with six easily accessible bolts. This procedure does not require come-a-longs, cables, or shell lugs.